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Sergey L. Hurin was born in Zaporozh’ye (Ukraine).

I have been studying guitar at the musical school since the age of 13. After graduation from the high and musical schools, the entering examinations to the second year of Zaporozh’ye State Musical College were successfully passed. I have been studying there for two months before being called up by the navy to Anapa city for 3 years.

Coming back from the army in November 1980, I kept on studying at the same Musical College, graduating in May 1983.

            After the college, I worked as the guitar musical teacher in Vol’nyansk (Zaporozhskaya region) for half a year only, being invited to Zaporozh’ye Regional Philharmonic Society as the artist of Yan Tabachnik orchestra where I was working for 2 years. We were touring not only around Zaporozh’ye region, but also around Belarus and Russia ( Moscow , the central Ural, Tyumen region, and many other places). In July 1985 I began studying in Lviv State Conservatory named after M.V.Lysenko and graduated successfully in 1990.  In March 1986 I took part in the Republic Popular Genres Young Performers Contest, being awarded with the certificate. 

            Since 1991 till nowadays I work as a guitar and bass-guitar teacher at the Popular Music Department in the Lviv State Musical College . Since 1993 I had some short-termed tours in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and in the Republic of Poland .

            I have been taking part in the international Young Artists’ Festival in Bayreuth (Germany) for more than 10 years (also known as"Das Treffen").

            Pedagogic activities:

            L.Danil’chenko and me compiled the program of the popular guitar repertoire for the Popular Music Departments.

            I have been a member of the jury of the “Young Talents Contest” and of the Regional Contest of the Bandura and Guitar Performers for the past ten years.

          Creative activities:                 

            A collection of two arrangements for the classical guitar ("Po sadochku khodzhu” (‘I walk in the garden’) and “Oj ty, divchyno, z horikha zernya” (‘Oh girl, the nutseed’) on the theme of the songs by A.Kos-Anatol’skyy) was published in January 2003 (Lviv publishing house “Achilles”).

            My self-composed “Prelude” and “Tango” for the classical guitar are performed on the contests and concerts.

            Recently, I have heard a marvelous performance of my variations on the “ Po sadochku khodzhu” (‘I walk in the garden’) theme in the Lviv Regional Philarmonic Society on the 23th of February 2009 by a great Kyiv virtuoso Boris Bel’skiy (for which I am extremely grateful!).
Serhiy Hurin